School Management System, College Management System, Business Accounting Software, Point of Sales(POS), Cooperative Observation and Management System

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SHIKSHYA (School, College Software)
SHIKSHYA : A Complete School Management System
Point of Sales
Point of Sales
Account + (Business Accounting Software)
Account + : Business Accounting Software
CMOS (Cooperative Management & Observation System)
CMOS : Cooperative Management & Observation System
Our Product suitable for:
  • Educational Institutions          (School, College)
  • Department Store
  • Shopping Center
  • Co-operative House
  • Cable TV Network
  • Jewelry Shop
  • Color lab
  • Publication House
  • Printing Press
  • Travel Agency
  • Business House for Account & Inventory
 Software Development :
We have design and implementation comfortable software for different type of organizations. We have been able to integrate a robust team of experienced programmers and system developers and our service will remain unchallenged for its quality and efficiency by the other contenders in the country.

We currently focus on the following areas:

  • On demand software development
  • General purpose software development
  • Web-based software development
 Web Solution (Domain Registration, Hosting, Development and Design):
A domain name, such as, signifies your own address on the Internet. As no two parties may ever hold identical domain names, it is truly a unique identifier of you or your company. It is how your customers will remember you and find you among the millions of other Web sites on the Internet.

"…we integrate only the most dedicated sincere, knowledgeable, skilled, and talented players in our team. " This is the first statement that is briefed to any new recruit here at Cosmos Software.
Well, so is our web design service. We believe, that to add value to the company and its customers, truly well-designed web sites are a must to be integrated into the company's overall operation, and often, by providing new services and capabilities.
The single most compelling difference between web sites that work and those that don't is the interactivity between the site and its visitor. 
Our design, whether static or interactive, will fully support your brand identity, convey your intended message, and perform its identified functions smoothly and effectively. Our proven, step-by-step process guarantees that nothing is overlooked in the final product.
Our typical Web Site Development project proceeds in following six phases:
• Research
• Strategy Development and Planning
• Design Development
• Implementation
• Installation
• Follow up & maintenance
Each phase has specific tasks assigned to it to assure an orderly, timely and effective product.
Whether you are building or refreshing your company's Web Presence, we will work with you to define the scope and overall strategy combining both our marketing and technology expertise.
We will provide you with best design for a very low price.

Cosmos Software provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week web hosting services. Our plans are particularly noted for excellent support service and cheap hosting plans. 
We provide windows based hosting plans with custom control panel whereby even a novice can design and upload his site.

School Management System, College Management System, Business Accounting Software, Point of Sales(POS), Cooperative Observation and Management System