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Account+ is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all types of activities related to keeping an account of, in an organization. It is a unique, time tested and a proven automation system for all types of business houses. This Accounting software is useful for different types of organization like financial institution, educational institution, Departmental Store, Publication and Printing house, Manufacturing House, Wholesaler, Color lab, Cable TV Operator, Travel agency, Jewelry House and many more.
It is a well designed application that offers numerous features to organize, interact, express, create, search, and store the accounts within the organization. It helps to keep an account of inventory, cash, transactions made, creditors and debtors report and many more. Account+ is a solution we purpose for your institution, designed and developed keeping in mind the various parameters which are required to be monitored and applied for a reputed company which are either the leaders in the field or trying to cut the niche for themselves.


Accounting System

  • Multi Account Group/Ledger Setup and Configuration
  • Party Ledger Setting(Vendor, Customer and Employee)
  • Membership and Area wise Registration and Report
  • Journal Voucher and Other Voucher Entry System
  • Void and Non Void Transaction Control
  • Final Report with BS, PL, Trial, Group Summary, Ledger Summary Statement, Ledger Category, Day Book, Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Cash Book, Debtors/Creditors Report, Sales/Purchase Report, VAT Report

Inventory Management System

  • Inventory Group and Sub Group Registration
  • Inventory Item Registration (VAT and Non VAT, Max/Min Stock, Sales and Purchase Price, Supplier, Free and Other Issue, Barcode Control)
  • Stock Entry (Purchase, Production with Accounting Treatment)
  • VAT and Non VAT Transaction (Issue, Return) in Sales and Purchase
  • Opening and Expire/Breakage Registration
  • Group wise Stock Report In Quantity and Price(Sales and Purchase)
  • Sales, Purchase Transaction Report with Party and Item wise
  • Membership and Area Transaction Report
  • Minimum and Maximum Stock Level Information Report

Production and Manufacture System

  • Production Item Configuration( Group, Sub Group and Item Ledger)
  • Production Rate and Material Using Configuration
  • Employee Registration
  • Product Production with Employee Accounting Transaction
  • Auto Stock Registration in Warehouse from Final Production
  • Material Transaction Report (Using Material, Stock Material) with Employee
  • Group wise Material Report in Quantity and Price
  • Final Production Report with Cost Calculation

Other Feature

    • Fiscal Calendar with Description
    • User wise Authority (Login) Control System
    • Personal Contact Information System
    • Staff Profile Management System
    • Transaction Log System
    • Complete accounting in Double Entry System.
    • Dual Date (Nepal and English) Support with Auto Convert.
    • Multiple Company Facility.
    • Drill Down from all Reports to Source Voucher.
    • Ledger Merged Facility.
    • All reports in Excel (Spread Sheet), PDF, HTML Format.
    •  User Friendly - Equipped with both Keyboard and Mouse navigation.
    • Report available T-Format and Tree Format.
    • Auto Backup Option to the desired Path.
    • Data can be stored in External Device (e.g. : Flash Card / Pen Drive)
    • Different Level of Security Right Defining.

 Technology and System Requirements

  • Application Platform: MS Visual Studio
  • Database: MS SQL Server/MS Access
  • Report Platform: Crystal Report
  • Product Version: 2.3.0
  • Available on Single/Multiuser
  • Windows XP Operating System  OR  Above
  • 256 MB of RAM OR Above
  • 1024 * 768 Monitor Resolutions OR Above


Support and Training

  • Support will provided through on site visit, phone, email and online web.
  • Company Provides necessary operational training to concerned staff members at the time of installation.


  • After an expiry of one-year free support, an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) has to be signed.
    If you are Interested in this product, we provide you a free 30 days trial version. We can install the trial version in your computer at your request.

Note: For demo version contact us or contact your's nearest contact center.
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School Management System, College Management System, Business Accounting Software, Point of Sales(POS), Cooperative Observation and Management System